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We now operate under a new name, but offer the same great products!?


We offer a line of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) antennas and High-Voltage (HV) devices spanning a frequency range of 0.15-20. GHz. We also offer the PATAR?/sup> UWB Personal Antenna Range, which may be used to characterize both narrowband and wideband antennas over a frequency range of 0.9-20 GHz ?operated by a single person.


A catalog (~4 MB PDF) of our products is available, describing our UWB Antennas and HV Devices, and the PATAR?/sup>  Personal Antenna Range.  Our newest products include the IRA-6, with diameter of 1.5-meters, and UWB HV directional couplers.


All of the papers written by us are listed here, and most are available for download.

Current Projects

A listing of current projects appears below the pictures.


Current research projects include the following:  

Folded Horn

The Folded Horn is a medium bandwidth antenna with outstanding gain-to-volume ratio. It has an aperture that is narrow in the E-plane and wide in the H-plane. The fields are focused in the H-plane with a parabolic fold in the horn. An early prototype operating at 3 GHz has 10 dB of gain, with an aperture of 0.5 X 2 wavelengths, and a depth of 1.7 wavelengths.

Microwave Pulse Compression

Microwave Pulse Compression (MPC) is a technique for source amplification using a resonant cavity. When the energy in the cavity reaches a maximum, a switch fires that breaks the symmetry of the cavity, releasing the energy. This should be more compact that other sources, and it is hoped that it could reach peak powers as high as 1 GW.

PATAR?/span> Portable Automated Time-domain Antenna Range

We are pleased to offer the PATAR?/sup> Personal Antenna Range. Operating over a bandwidth of 0.9-20 GHz, this  time domain antenna range is more economical to operate than more conventional frequency domain ranges, and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor operation. It is suitable for characterizing either wideband or narrowband antennas. One person can set up the system, characterize an antenna, and store the system in a small shed in 4 hours.

For more information, contact Dr. Everett G. Farr, (505)410-7722, 1801 Count Fleet St. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123. Or e-mail us at efarr@farr-research.com. 

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